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In New York on June 9, 2020
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briefing and goals

Hi Jane!

Your company’s goal is to capture 200 paying customers this year. Considering that your conversion rate is 35%, you would have to generate at least 50 qualified leads per month.

Therefore, based on the assumption that approximately 20% of your leads will move through all the phases of the conversion funnel, we propose the following objectives:

  • Convert 3% of website visitors into leads, and to achieve that, we’ll need to
  • Increase traffic to 8,300 visits a month.

In this proposal, we’ll explain how we’ll develop your inbound marketing strategy to meet the proposed goals.

What we’ll do

Work to be done on this project

Buyer personas identification

To develop a good inbound marketing strategy, we must correctly identify the characteristics of our buyer personas, who are semi-fictitious representations of our potential customers based on their demographic information, behaviour, needs and motivations. In other words, how they behave, where they live, what their socio-economic status is, what they consume, what they watch on TV...

Selection of keywords

By using the right keywords, we’ll not only boost our search engine ranking but also determine what people want and how they search for us, with the ultimate goal of increasing website visits and those leads with long tail keywords. With these keywords, we’ll work on the current website content and the main landing and exit pages, and we’ll create even more content.


Content is the cornerstone of any marketing strategy. By generating interesting content that adds value, we’ll bring users closer to your brand and guide them to conversion.

We estimate it will be necessary to publish four blog posts a month to achieve the desired conversion. All this content will consider both seasonal aspects and, obviously, the abovementioned keywords.

Social media

Social media platforms are another cornerstone of your marketing strategy. You can’t overlook them today, because they’re a way to:

  1. Connect with users, those typical buyers we mentioned above.
  2. Have an audience for the content you generate and support your organic ranking strategy.
  3. Have a potential channel for customer service.

Our recommendation for your company is to focus on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Posting calendar:

 Posting frequency
Instagram1 post/day + 2 stories
Facebook1 post/day
LinkedIn2 posts/week + information on job offers

Obviously, this calendar may vary depending on the seasonal factors, and above all, during sales campaigns. These campaigns and factors will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Implementation schedule



Research and development1
Client feedback
Delivery of complete strategy

Your investment

Your project is very complex, and a number of different professionals will be needed to bring it to fruition. Our entire team is senior and has more than 40 combined years of experience, so we promise you’ll be in good hands.

Identification of typical buyers 1  292.59  292.59
Keyword consulting 1  584.42  584.42
Content writing (blog post) 12  115.38  1,384.56
Social media management 3  609.23  1,827.69
Creation of white paper 1  2,000.00  2,000.00
Review of website text 1  1,400.00  1,400.00

TOTAL: $ 7,489.26


Our team


Alina Porter
Marketing Manager


Oscar McKenzie
Chief strategy officer


Carla Lopez
Project Manager

Terms and conditions

  • Our team is available to begin working in January 2020
  • The project will start as soon as we receive your invoice payment marked ‘Start ACME Corp. project - MKT ONLINE’.
  • When we begin working, we’ll create a definitive, detailed calendar with the actions to be performed and their estimated date of completion.
  • Delays in the provision of information and materials requested of the client will result in a delay in the project of at least the same duration (depending on the team’s workload).
  • The following payments shall be made at the start of each phase: 50% of the amount shall be paid by transfer within 7 days of the invoice date. At the end of each phase, the remaining 50% shall be paid by bank transfer within 30 days of the invoice date.

Thank you