An incredible proposal to make your business grow

By completely revising your website, we’ll broaden your reach so you can attract more customers.

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Thanks for choosing me!

First of all, I’d like to say thank you for placing your trust in me.

Over the next eight weeks, we’ll work to restore your online store to its position as a benchmark sportswear retailer by completely revising all your website content.

I hope that this proposal, which I’ve carefully prepared, meets all your expectations and that we can achieve our shared goal of returning ACME to its rightful place in the market.


A content strategy to boost your visibility and attract customers

John, you set a clear goal for me: to boost sales at your online sporting goods and apparel store.

As you correctly determined, your previous website content was low-quality, obsolete, limited and created without a strategy in mind.

That’s why I have prepared this financial proposal for you.

Our strategy

Keyword analysis

Before I develop content for your website, I’ll need to analyse what has been done so far, so we can maintain what’s working and change what isn’t.

I’ll therefore carry out a study of your keywords so we can continue using the ones that are giving you good ranking results. And we’ll try to rank you with more specific, high-value keywords that your competitors aren’t using.

Website content development

Based on my analysis, the content of your website and online store has room for improvement, considering your long history as a sporting goods store.

We’ll completely redo your website with new, up-to-date content that brings in customers. The power of words on a company’s website is far greater than most people think.

For the online store, we’ll focus on your item descriptions, using keywords that rank your products high and search terms used by customers.

New design

Most of the time, changing a website’s content also implies a change in its design. And your case is one of them. But this is a recommendation.

Financial proposal

In the table below, you can find the prices I propose. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Keyword consulting 1  692.31  692.31
Content writing (blog post) 15  46.15  692.25
Landing page creation 3  530.77  1,592.31
Creation of infographics 4  1,130.77  4,523.08
Review of website content 1  415.38  415.38

TOTAL: $ 7,915.33

About me


Alina Fernández

Journalist with more than eight years of experience helping companies and freelancers to grow their business through words.

My services

- Content creation for your website and blog

- Development of the marketing plan for your company

- Development, creation and execution of social media strategy

- Crisis resolution and online reputation

Proposal terms and conditions

When will we start working?

From October 2020.

Requirements to begin the project

  1. The project will begin as soon as we receive the first transfer marked ‘Start project’.
  2. The client is responsible for providing with the necessary materials (photos, corporate videos, etc.) for the completion of this project.
  3. Delays in the delivery of such materials shall result in a delay in the project’s completion of at least the same duration.

Included in this price quote

Everything you have read in this proposal.

Not included in this price quote

  • Custom designs not specified in this price quote

  • Content creation that has not been agreed upon

  • Social media management for longer than the time specified in the contract

  • Hosting management for longer than the contracted time

  • Audiovisual production

  • Photography sessions

Payment terms

At the start of each phase, 50% of the amount shall be paid by bank transfer. When each stage is finished, the remaining 50% shall be paid by the same method within 30 days of the invoice date.

Success story: ACME

When I started working with ACME, I had a big challenge:

  1. Improve all the content in the About Us and What We Do sections of its website, two essential parts of a corporate website.

  2. Increase traffic by 70% during the first month.

How did I achieve this?

In order to increase its organic traffic by 70%, I implemented a new website design and structure, and we completely revised the keywords strategy and focused on the landing pages and blog posts. With these measures, we achieved:

  • 24.2% more keywords ranked on page one of Google.
  • A 90% increase in social shares on Twitter and Facebook.grafica