Internal communication platform proposal for ACME

A new, more agile way to communicate for members of your team

December 16, 2019
Attn: John
Version: 2


What we will do

You need custom software to improve your company’s internal communications.

You’re a big company, and you need a comprehensive, cloud-based instant messaging service that, broadly speaking, allows your workforce:

  1. Send and receive large files.
  2. Make phone calls and videoconferences.
  3. Sync data to and from your project management tool.

First, John, we’d like to thank you for trusting to handle this project for you.

Here is a proposal that we believe meets all your needs.

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Table of contents

At, we propose a project with the following characteristics:

Required features

Based on the requirements defined by ACME and specifically by John, app features will be divided into seven categories:

  1. Instant messaging features.
  2. Features for sending large files in formats such as video, image, snippet...
  3. Calendar integration.
  4. Project management software integration.
  5. Ability to make calls or hold meetings remotely.
  6. Implementation of statistical monitoring tools.
  7. Any other specific requirements indicated by ACME.


App will be developed with the latest technology on a MEAN* environment that will be hosted by a high-quality, private hosting provider with 99.99% availability.

This hosting provider will be scalable to support load peaks, with the possibility of expanding with additional servers and load balancers if necessary.

Phases and validations

We work using SCRUM methodology, which is based on the flexibility to incorporate changes regardless of the phase the project is in.

Our proposal includes a series of phases that will coincide with the implementation of each of the app’s critical features. After each stage, we’ll test and validate the feature before it is tested by you. Once that phase is approved by the client, we’ll proceed to the next one.

This way of working allows us to develop the app agilely, reducing the margin for error. And certain design changes can even be incorporated if necessary.

*MEAN is the acronym for the different technologies to be applied: MongoDB, Express, AngujarJS and node.js

Project phases

Here is our proposed schedule for your project:




 Project kick-off2 weeks
 Wireframing/Design7 weeks
 Development9 weeks
 Test and debug4 weeks

The duration of these phases is approximate and subject to modifications, especially if there are structural design changes, or critical changes in some version of the operating system that affect the management of resources on the phones (memory, storage, etc.).

Financial proposal

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Project analysis phase (includes meeting with the client) 1  3,600.00  3,600.00
Information architecture 1  7,500.00  7,500.00
Execution stages 1  13,250.00  13,250.00
UI/UX 1  14,250.00  14,250.00
Implementation phase 1  8,000.00  8,000.00

TOTAL: $ 46,600.00

Additional services we recommend

These are recommended additional services. However, we encourage you to consider them to avoid potential errors and complications in the future.

Tool maintenance (annual cost) 1  5,000.00  5,000.00
Extra loading support service: 1 balancer + 2 additional servers (monthly cost) 1  950.00  950.00
CDN to facilitate loading in different countries (monthly cost) 1  1,200.00  1,200.00

TOTAL: $ 7,150.00

Team that will make this project possible

Your software will be developed by a group of professionals with extensive experience in the sector.


Alina Porter
Full Stack developer


Oscar McKenzie
Full Stack developer


Carla Lopez
Project manager

Terms and conditions

When will we start working?

September 2020.

Requirements to begin the project

  1. The project will begin as soon as we receive the first bank transfer marked ‘Start project’.

  2. The client is responsible for providing with the necessary materials (photos, corporate videos, etc.) for the completion of this project.

  3. Delays in the delivery of such materials shall result in a delay in the project’s completion of at least the same duration.


Everything you have read in this proposal.

Not included 

  • Maintenance of the software for longer than agreed upon in this proposal.

  • Additional loading support services (balancers and servers.)

Payment terms

At the start of each phase, 50% of the amount shall be paid by bank transfer. When each stage is finished, the remaining 50% shall be paid by the same method within 30 days of the invoice date.