Mobile app redesign for a shoe store


Our goal is to create a more user-friendly interface to improve the customer shopping experience

January 23, 2020
Attn: John
Version 1

What does the project consist of?

Currently your app has serious usability issues. You have determined that your first-time customers are rather confused by app’s structure, so they end feeling up quite frustrated with it.

As you explained at the meetings we held, the app abandonment rate is quite high due to this factor.

Therefore, our job will be to completely redesign the app, simplify it and make sure your clients don’t abandon you for this reason.

Are you ready?



Project phases


As we mentioned previously, before we proceed to the prototyping and design phase, it’s a good idea to analyse what has been done until now.

In addition, during this phase, it would be advisable to run a focus group to determine exactly how the app is used by the typical user. That way, we can design it based on the results.

Once we’ve analyzed all this information, we’ll try to identify patterns and similarities in the answers to get an idea of ​​your weaknesses from the users’ point of view.



We’ll design sketches after our first round of user testing. Then we’ll present the designs to you to get your feedback.


Once we have designed most of the views, we’ll create static HTML prototypes to test them. The prototypes will be interactive and resemble the final designs for the app.

Recommended user testing

Testing is one of the most important parts of the process. We’ll invite seven people to participate in this phase to record their interactions with the tool, identify behaviour patterns and draw conclusions.

Once we analyse all the results, we’ll make a series of recommendations based on our research.

Project phases

It will take us approximately seven weeks to complete this project.



Focus group with typical users (recommended service)

2 weeks

Analysis of results

1 week

Presentation of conclusions

1 week

Wireframes design

2 weeks

Presentation of prototypes

1 week

Final changes

2 weeks

Economic proposal

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Project analysis phase (meeting with the client) 1  2,380.00  2,380.00
Wireframes creation phase 1  10,450.00  10,450.00
Mockup creation phase 1  5,625.00  5,625.00
Information architecture analysis 1  8,125.00  8,125.00

TOTAL: $ 26,580.00

Additional services

As we explained, these services are not mandatory, but we recommend that you consider them to complement our work and improve the performance of your app.

Focus group 1  1,000.00  1,000.00
A/B test with users 1  2,000.00  2,000.00

TOTAL: $ 3,000.00

Who are we?

Our agency has a team of app design and development experts.


Alina Porter
Designer and Illustrator


Oscar McKenzie
Senior Designer


Carla Lopez
Full Stack Developer

Service terms and conditions

When will we start working?

From September 2020.

Requirements to begin the project

  1. The project will begin as soon as we receive the first transfer marked ‘Start project’.
  2. The client is responsible for providing with the necessary materials (photos, corporate videos, etc.) for the completion of this project.
  3. Delays in the delivery of such materials shall result in a delay in the project’s completion of at least the same duration.

Included in this price quote

Everything you have read in this proposal.

Not included in this price quote

  • Custom designs not specified in this price quote
  • Raw design files
  • Files in InDesign, Illustrator, etc.

Payment terms

At the start of each phase, 50% of the amount shall be paid by bank transfer. When each stage is finished, the remaining 50% shall be paid by the same method within 30 days of the invoice date.

An unprecedented success story

We have more than 10 years of experience designing custom UI/UX solutions so our clients can meet their objectives.

ACME’s main problem was its users’ interaction with its online store. Customers moved through the shopping process normally, but at the last minute, they would leave their orders sitting in their carts.

Thanks to our solution, our client managed to increase the purchase rate by 56%.

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