Branding proposal

for ACME

December 17, 2019

Attn: John

Version 2

A special message

Hi John!

At we are firm believers in the visual power of brands, especially in audiovisual projects, due to their ability to add value to an overall brand.

And a brand is much more than a logo; all its components transmit sensations, generating emotions in the consumer and helping them to identify with you.

Our brand should therefore stir feelings in our potential clients. How should they feel? That will depend on many things, but we’ll certainly make them feel something. Whether it’s good or bad will be in your hands, but rest assured that we’ll do our very best for you.

Shall we begin?

What a brand is

Brands started as a way for landowners to mark their property. In other words, they showed where boundaries were.

With this idea in mind, we propose developing a brand linked to your origins: a family company that, generation after generation, has managed to adapt and create one of the most important values in the world today: trust.

In addition to that value, innovation is fundamental today. Bringing together all these values won’t be easy. But goddamn it, we’ll achieve it!

Let’s get started

What we’ll do

Create something easy to remember.

Because that’s what a brand is. Something that will make you recognisable in the eyes of your customers.

We could talk about Apple. Or Nike. Or thousands of other examples. But no. We don’t want you to resemble them. We want to create a brand that’s unique. Your very own brand.

To do so, we’ll start a process that will take time, and we’ll start sending you a questionnaire to collect more information about you: sector, competitors, ideas, preferences, colours, personal tastes...

That will kick off the process: we’ll review points of reference, the current state of the market, trends that are starting to emerge and many other factors.

Then we’ll present two corporate identity proposals to you. We’ll meet to go over both proposals and explain how we arrived at them and why we believe they’re good ideas.

At that meeting, we won’t only present a logo, but a whole brand universe that will make up the image your customers will see.

And that’s it.

Well actually, there’s more, because it would need to be applied to packaging, bags, promotional gifts... But we’ll send you a quote for that in the future.

We estimate that the entire process will take a total of 7 weeks.

Financial proposal

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Project analysis phase (includes meetings with the client) 1  650.00  650.00
Proposal development 1  2,100.00  2,100.00
Basic project applications 1  450.00  450.00

TOTAL: $ 3,200.00

This quote does not include taxes or other associated costs (for example, production of samples if you request them).

We’re almost there...

The team

Great professionals with more than 20 years of experience creating and developing all kinds of brands, so they speak your language fluently.


Alina Porter 
Senior Designer


Oscar McKenzie
Senior Designer


Carla Lopez
Project Manager

When will we start working?

September 2020.

Requirements to start the project

  1. The project will begin as soon as we receive the first transfer marked ‘start project’.
  2. The client must provide with the necessary materials (ideas, questionnaire responses, etc.) for the completion of this project.
  3. Delays in the delivery of such materials shall result in a delay in the project’s completion of at least the same duration.


Everything you have read in this proposal.

Not included 

  • Third and subsequent proposals (each one will have a cost of $1,500)
  • App development
  • Audiovisual production
  • Photography sessions

Payment terms

At the start of each phase, 50% of the amount shall be paid by bank transfer. When each stage is finished, the remaining 50% shall be paid by the same method within 30 days of the invoice date.

Thank you for your time

We look forward to hearing from you.